Hello and welcome to the FAQ page, here you can find a little bit of info on some things to do with LIU alongside some total oversharing in the name of open-ness!


  • I try my best to dispatch all orders within 1 week of purchase however this can be longer during busy periods such as Christmas, collection launches and when I am hiding from the world (rare but it happens).
  • If the item is a pre-order I try to give the closest guestimation of production times however this can also sometimes be longer.
  • I am always happy to refund an order if you are unhappy with the waiting time.
  • Sometimes it can be overwhelming working normal jobs and trying to do this on the side which can mean that I am slow to respond to Instagram messages and emails. If you are waiting for a response or have messaged multiple times I understand your frustrations and apologise in advance, I try to check all emails at least once per week.
  • If orders are late I always try to throw in some free items as thank you.
  • All orders come with free stickers if I have some.



  • If you are unhappy with a product due to a manufacturing flaw such as marked or mis-printed items or factory defects such as faulty stitching and finishing then please let me know as soon as possible after receiving your order. You can send pictures and I will refund or replace the order when it is returned.
  • If you purchased something from a store we sell to and it is faulty, please return this to the store and I will be able to organise a replacement or refund through them.
  • If you have any queries on product regarding sizing, fit or fabric please feel free to email me and I will do my best to get back to you asap.



  • I try to work with my friends as much as possible but am always open to suggestions, if you would like to work together please feel free to email me for a chat. If you want to make things but aren’t sure how or want to sell to stores but it seems a bit daunting then do the same, my inbox is always open although possibly quite congested.



  • I work with some really lovely people who carry LIU in their stores across the world, you can find these on our stockists page so please support your local if they carry our stuff. If you would like us to be sold in an independent store near you then please feel free to message us and we will reach out to them.



When I was younger I would always nerd out on finding information on how brands worked behind the scenes, I wanted to know how big things actually were, who worked there, did they make loads of money?, who did the graphics and all of that stuff. Below is a fairly transparent overview of the brand which maybe you will find informative and or interesting.

LIU is still a very tiny DIY project that I do on the side when I can and currently make one "proper" collection per year which comes out in December although we are transitioning to two seasonal collections per year from 2024! It can maybe possibly sometimes look semi-professional from the outside but the brand is very small. I have no employees and do most of everything myself except shipping which a very lovely and patient friend helps me with and I don't make a salary (I work a day job in retail and design for brands I like sometimes).

I grew up working in independent retail and will always try to partner with stores that want to bring small brands like mine into their spaces, it means a lot to work with my favourite retailers and friends, real people working hard to bring true culture in and out of your towns and cities and they probably aren't making much money either so please support them when you can.

Currently 80% of our business is from wholesale (selling to stores) and 20% is from lovely people buying things from the website. While it makes me very happy that so many great stores want to carry LIU it means I take a massive risk every season as I will have to pay for all production costs upfront and usually have to get a (scary) loan, then stores will pay anywhere from 30-120 days after they receive the product from me. This can make it hard to keep things moving and pay for the production of my next collection when I am still owed money from the last, and is why lots of your favourite brands have investors (I do not have any yet but am hopeful for a multi-million pound buy out imminently). 

Unfortunately it is a really rubbish time for independent retail and lots of the greats are struggling to survive, this season we saw our biggest account close its doors forever alongside multiple stores that cancelled their orders after production. As a tiny brand this hit very hard taking away a very big chunk of the profit I was supposed to make this season.

You can find our current season profit status below, we lost £3709 in cancelled orders alongside £3084 owed in invoices which will be added to the rolling total when it is paid, there is also £2586.59 owed by us in production costs.

In 2020 I pledged 25% of profits on future collections to be donated to organisations that are fighting the good fight. This season we have donated to Grass Roots Law, a non-profit which you can find our about here -> https://grassrootslaw.org/about/plan/

Alongside Grass Roots Law we have previously donated to the Harpies aid for Black dancers and CUAPB and The Movement For Black Lives.





LATEST UPDATE: 18/05/2023 - 12:05:42 GMT

This section will be updated monthly to adjust figures against incoming / outgoing payments from invoices.